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Call for contributions

Maximum length of 7,000 written words.

Poetry, story, monologue, song, video, exhibition, etc.

A3 size in

Pdf format.


eminently practical

Conditions for the presentation of proposals to the Congress:

  • It must be UNPUBLISHED . It cannot have been presented at any Congress (or previous event) nor can it have been published.

  • In the event that a part of the content of the proposal has been presented in an article, communication or congress, it must be properly cited in the text or content on which it is based.

  • The presentation must be made through the XIV Congress website, filling in a form where the personal and professional data of the author or authors and the descriptor in which it is considered that they should be registered will be identified, as well as the MODALITY in which you would like to expose it.

  • In the case of collective communications, the person who registers the communication will be the contact person to receive the notifications.

  • Each participant may submit a maximum of two proposals, either individually or collectively.

  • Each proposal will have a maximum of four authors.

  • The format of Publication Standards for Bibliography is required that the General Council requires in its publications (link).

  • All the authors must be registered and pay the corresponding registration fee, so that, if the proposal is accepted, it can be exhibited and certified. SIGN UP

  • Communications are accepted in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

  • The authors must accept on the platform of the Congress the conditions established for the presentation of their proposal.

Selection criteria for proposals to the XIV Congress:


The selection will be made from QUALITY CRITERIA commonly used in the professional and / or academic field and that will attend to the value shown by the contributions. It will be valued positively:

  1. Adequate relationship of the topic addressed.

  2. The interest, innovation, originality, practical applicability of the proposal, as well as its repercussion and impact on the profession and on the discipline of Social Work.

  3. The methodology used in innovative, emerging professional experiences or research and good practices.

  4. Description of results resulting from experience or research.

  5. Analysis and discussion of the results obtained.

  6. The structure and coherence of the communication: it must contain related ideas and well-defined parts - presentation, development, conclusions.

  7. The style of communication: clarity in the exposition, linked speech, adequate and precise terminology.

  8. The sources and bibliographic references used for the preparation of the communication (remember that the format of the General Council's Publication Norms is required).


The evaluation of the communications will be final.

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