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DOWNLOAD HERE the Proposal Submission Guide


Those who wish to present a proposal must register through the website of the XIV State Congress and II Ibero-American Social Work, select the topic, select the preferred mode of presentation and attach the summary before September 15 (deadline), complying with with the following requirements:

  • It must be delivered following the following MODEL

  • Extension 350 words.

  • It must contain:

    • Presentation or description of the process of experience, good practice, research, intervention model.

    • Methodology and results obtained, assessment, learning and / or conclusions

    • References used

Once the evaluation of all the abstracts by the Scientific Committee of the Congress, through blind reviewers, it will notify interested persons of the proposals that have been accepted, (either for presentation at the discussion tables or in video format), rejected or those in which revisions and / or modifications are proposed.

Abstract acceptance notification date: November 16, 2021


The authors who have the approval of the submitted abstract will send the final proposal before January 30, 2022, respecting the following formal indications.

The poster must be sent through the Congress web platform following the following MODEL (attached SOON) and in PDF format.

Likewise, participants in the Poster mode may voluntarily submit a full text in article format within the indicated period, so that it may be published in the minute book (digital edition with ISBN) after the Congress. If the explanatory text is not attached, the poster will not be incorporated into the publication.


To do this, you must follow the following publication criteria:

  • Maximum length of 7,000 words written in Word format, 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman font, length 12, and all margins 3 cm. A maximum of 4 figures in B / W (tables, graphs and images / photos), correctly identified (number, expressive title, source) may be attached, in a separate file, indicating where in the text they should be inserted.

  • It will have the following structure:

    • Title of the article (in Spanish and English)

    • Summary between 150 - 200 words and keywords (3-6) (in Spanish and English)

    • Introduction

    • Methodology

    • Results and Discussion

    • Conclusions

    • Acknowledgments (if it is the case)

    • Bibliographic references following the Norms established by the General Council of Social Work (link).

    • Self-citation cannot be greater than 23% of the total citations.

    • In those articles derived from funded research projects, the identification data of the same will be included in the first footnote (at least: main researcher, funding body, identifying reference and grant period).

    • The use of inclusive language will be an assessable item in the text presented, penalizing those communications that do not use it.

    • The proposal must be sent in Word / PDF.

Notification date for acceptance of proposals: March 7, 2022


Once the proposals are received, the evaluators of the XIV State Congress of Social Work will inform the author / s of the decision on the submitted proposal. The Committee may determine the modification of the proposal before March 14, 2022.

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